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Events Plus Food can mean a lot of things, but for us it means the following:
Events & Public Relations

Our core business is events and we plan a wide variety of them, throughout the years we have expanded our business from initially focusing on events in the New York area only to having a small satellite office in LA and planning events nationally and even worldwide.

For many of our clients we function as an in house Events & Public Relations department and help plan all parts of campaigns and launches, we do soup to nuts from creating the marketing & public relations plan to executing all the details.

Events for companies is often a part of a larger public relations plan, and we love to have our hands in all parts of the public relations plan. We work with a wide variety of media outlets and help our clients get their message out to right people in a genuine and innovative manner.

Food Trend Consulting

We are quite the foodies and Linnea Johansson both writes about food and food trends for magazines such as ELLE Magazine, Epicurious, as well as her own cook books. So its our business to be on top of the latest development in food. We offer trend consulting service to food & beverage companies that want to be on top of the latest in the food business when looking to plan their future campaigns. Some of the companies we have worked with in the past are Heineken, Coca-cola and Coop

Signature Recipe Creation

Linnea has been called up by companies such as Bailey’s, Cherry Heering and Russian Standard Vodka to develop recipes that the company can use through out the year that will really stand out both on menu’s and when reaching out toward media.

Menu Consulting & Styling

Similar to clothing stylist, sometimes restaurants are looking to create a new seasonal menu either in the bar or kitchen that will be on top of the latest trends and need a bit of inspiration. We help in the creative process or just put the finishing touches on menus.

Food Styling & Food Shoot Production

Linnea always cooks and styles all her own food for shoots, be it for TV productions, cook books or magazines. After years of doing so we have quite the creative shoot team on hand. The past years we have been called on by companies to style and produce shoots such as ELLE Magazine, Skyhorse Publishing, Xante Company, and BirchBox.


Photos: Elk Studios