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Happy Midsummer

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Tomorrow we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden, it’s a national holiday tracing back to the vikings where we pretty much celebrate that summer solstice (aka the midnight sun) is here. The celebration sticks to its traditions, and if your not familiar here is a quick midsummer guide:

How to midsummer like a viking:
You start the day off by dressing only in white, and make a wreath of flowers to put on your head, then its time to raise a maypole that you spend the day dancing around. After the maypol:ing, its time for the smorgasbord where you loads of herring and other Scandinavian goodies, while singing songs and of course drink snaps. You end the night, by pick seven different flowers to put under your pillow and the ledge says you’ll dream about the one you’ll marry.

Yes, this is all true and it’s absolutely fantastic!

The traditional way of drinking snaps is just to drink it as a shot straight up while singing a usually pretty lude song. But one of the projects I’ve been working on in Sweden was to create some fun and innovative ways of drinking your snaps! Together with Prima snaps brands, that is Scandinavia’s main Snaps brand I made four different videos where I show you how to make the most of your snaps!

And here they are:

Strawberry Nubbe

Black Berry Frappe

Rånäs Milkshake

Hallands punch with flowers

Wishing you a Happy Midsummer!

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